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I was born in a hospital next to a dirt road in a small Georgia town. A town that everybody knows everyone and you can’t hide secrets. They still hold mine against me. Even after all these years, I still love being on the lake in North Georgia, wakeboarding and drinking cold beer.
After a few years of doing sports broadcasting, I stumbled into a building that said Rock 100.5 on the door and begged to get on the air to play great rock tunes and have some fun in a city that I always loved, Atlanta. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, here I am!
The best part of Atlanta are the amazing bands that rock hard at these kickass venues and much of my weekend is spent jamming out with all of them. This city is always hopping, so let’s have some fun and debauchery in the middle of the night.
Love the Hawks, been a fan for life! Rooftop bars, anything on the water and good company is fine with me. I’m goofy, awkward and I dig anything crazy!



On Friday, your love will flourish. The crescent flower that is your relationship will reach it’s annual peak of blossom. Couples wait for this day all year in anticipation of celebrating their love that they hold dear for each other. There is no day in our 365- day calendar that can come close to the expression of love that is Valentine’s Day. February comes and you have to wait a whole 13 days before you get to shower your loved one with gifts, prix-fixed menus and that teddy bear that she’ll probably one day being lay with while another guy spoons her. OK, that charades is over. Let’s be honest, it feels tense in a restaurant when it’s nothing but couples in a restaurant and every guy stressing about getting it perfect and spending his whole paycheck on the prix-fixed duct fat infused swordfish that he usually would never even consider. Poor bastard.

Grass really can be greener on the other side. Single people envy those that have that someone special to spend the day with while those in relationships yearn for the carefree lifestyle of saving hundreds of dollars and people able to go get crazy at the bar without having someone to check in with.  Let’s face it fellas, we get Valentine’s Day wrong nine times out of ten. We buy the wrong present, make sub par dinner reservations hoping she won’t notice that you’re taking her to Olive Garden while her best friend Carrie is getting spoiled at Chop’s Lobster Bar. I would love to conduct a survey of dudes that actually get laid on Valentine’s Day. I assume the results would be much lower than we expect.  Not to mention the pressure! There is so much on a guy’s shoulder to make this holiday the best. I would love to see women have to plan the night one year; just one! As I type this, I am giving a standing O for all my fellas out there that pour their heart and soul into V Day.

It’s never you, is it? We all have that buddy whose girlfriend is really cool and actually doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. She calls it “Single’s Awareness Day” and they always end up doing something really cool on V-Day instead of expecting some big expression of his love to her. If only, right? Some of us are left in the trenches taking grenades while the special few are charging the hill and taking control of enemy territory. Nevertheless, whether you are in a relationship or are rocking the day solo, I’ve got your back. Here are some suggestions for the love birds or the solo falcon to have an A+ day.

If your lady friend is expecting you to dole out some money for dinner, HERE are the best pricey restaurants in Atlanta to blow your load (pun intended):

Not enough options? HERE are plenty more prix-fixe options that you won’t spare a penny on for the bill. Granted, some of the options on this list are pretty affordable and cool places to dine and wannabe-dash.

Maybe your’re single! Bless you, you lucky bastard. Don’t envy those in relationships. You get to watch what you want on TV and don’t have to share the bathroom with anyone. You are blessed and we vicariously live through your dubious ways.

HERE  are the best bars in Atlanta for singles on Valentine’s Day. Not enough options? HERE are some more options for your potential Valentine’s Day hookup. Go crazy and get some strange.

Or, just stay home, binge watch Netflix and drink beer. It’s just another day, honestly.




2020 is upon us! We are days away from the new decade. I’m hearing a lot of “the new decade is going to be different” and “I’m finally going to get a handle on my life and get to where I want to be.” While this is all good and fun, let your New Year’s Eve be full of causing trouble and having fun doing it! Get serious on January 1st with whatever you choose for your resolutions. December 31st is for the fun and the crazy. This is Atlanta and there are plenty of places to do just that. Whether you are looking for a nice dinner out with a loved one, place to get hammered with the boys or where to find that temporary lust, I’ve got you covered.

All of these places will be full of singles, so don’t be afraid to shoot your shot fellas.

For that nicer dinner out on New Years Eve, click HERE.

If you’re looking to not remember the clock striking midnight and having no idea who you made out with when 2020 arrived, HERE are some top bars for you to check out.

Maybe you are more of the couch potato on New Year’s Eve. No judgement at all! Sometimes that is the better option. It can get crazy on New Year’s Eve and many people, including myself, have horror stories of the night.

So grab some beer, fire up the barbecue and watch the festivities from the comfort of your own home. HERE are the top 3 to watch.



Hey, Rock family, it’s Jackson!

Rob Halford (Judas Priest) is my special guest today! What an awesome guy and even better conversation. Short list of topics:
*New Christmas album “Celestial”
*What was Christmas like for him growing up?
*Slowing down and enjoying family time
*Getting out of “The Bubble”
*Biggest joy of playing in today’s metal climate
*Judas Priest 50th anniversary tour
*The “Metal Magic”
*Advice to today’s metal bands



Hey Rock family, it’s Jackson!

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by and that are two weeks out from Christmas. Holiday season in Atlanta is a great time for family, fun and flat out debauchery. Do your events with the family during the day and then hit the watering holes and booze-filled events in the evening. Atlanta boasts quite a variety to choose from when it comes to your holiday seduction.

You’ve already spent most of your cash and maxed out your credit card on presents for every person you’ve ever known, so why not complete the cycle on a great hangover for yourself?

For the more family-friendly holiday engagements, but still with plenty of fun, click here.

For the more adventurous holiday swagger that just might bring a night of love, lust and a happy(ish) hangover, click here.

Not enough for you to choose from for you Christmas pop-up bar extravaganza? Fine, click here 

Perhaps on Christmas Day you just want to get away and have a drink by yourself. Maybe you and the lady friend want to sneak off together and enjoy a drink without the family. Here are some bars open on the day.

However you spend your holiday season, cause trouble and have fun doing it!



I love all rock music. Every different style brings something to the table and a true rock fan can find appreciation in all of it. However, I have a soft spot for the heavy stuff. I love me some heavy metal. When I came across this heavy metal version of Beck’s “Loser,” I just had to share. This was done by a man named Leo Moracchioli and I can’t stop listening to it. Enjoy and happy Friday!

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