Jackson Heaton

I was born in a hospital next to a dirt road in a small Georgia town. A town that everybody knows everyone and you can’t hide secrets. They still hold mine against me. Even after all these years, I still love being on the lake in North Georgia, wakeboarding and drinking cold beer.
After a few years of doing sports broadcasting, I stumbled into a building that said Rock 100.5 on the door and begged to get on the air to play great rock tunes and have some fun in a city that I always loved, Atlanta. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, here I am!
The best part of Atlanta are the amazing bands that rock hard at these kickass venues and much of my weekend is spent jamming out with all of them. This city is always hopping, so let’s have some fun and debauchery in the middle of the night.
Love the Hawks, been a fan for life! Rooftop bars, anything on the water and good company is fine with me. I’m goofy, awkward and I dig anything crazy!



Tomorrow is Friday with a long holiday weekend included! Things to do and beers to drink. As always, make sure we are your soundtrack for whatever craziness the weekend brings. Even though we can’t go see live shows, it’s really cool to see the innovation from bands. They are coming out with some really cool stuff.

Bad Wolves just did an awesome cover of Linkin Park‘s “Crawling.” They’ve certainly proven that they can do a badass cover. Definitely grab their new album, “Nation,” but you can find their cover of “Crawling” HERE.

Five Finger Death Punch is another band that came out with a great album this year, “F8.” While we know that Ivan Moody is one hell of a singer, he’s documenting his journey of trying to learn guitar. I’m all for huge musicians playing to their weakness and trying to expand their musical talents. He actually started a series that documents the journey. It’s called “Guitar Zero: Legends of the Fail” and you can find the latest episode HERE.

Cheers to your weekend!




Good humor parades the internet, especially in today’s pandemic climate. However, the music news, whether it’s showing their generosity or how some can’t play the guitar, is abundant. Tomorrow is pay day and that gives you the perfect excuse to live rich for a couple days. Go crazy! Alright, let’s get into some news.

Dave Grohl is a rock God. I doubt anyone will argue with my opinion. Seeing the Foo Fighters live is a true concert-going experience. You get every pennies worth out of Grohl. But, at this point, I will settle for seeing any band or genre live, as long as I can be 4/5 beers in while rocking out in the front row. It isn’t surprising to find out that Dave Grohl is quite a writer. I dare not try to summarize the words of the man himself, so read his article ‘The Day the Live Concert Returns” HERE.

We lost the great comedian, Jerry Stiller the other day. Most people remember him from Seinfeld, but I loved him in the show King of Queens. Definitely check that show out if you’ve never seen it. You can watch Stiller’s Rush cameos HERE AND HERE.

We know that Five Finger Death Punch does a lot of things right. They make a hell of a cover and their new album, F8, is great from start to finish. However, lead singer Ivan Moody is definitely not a guitar player.  I think it’s really cool for musicians at that level to show their fans that they indeed aren’t perfect. This is a pretty funny video of Moody attempting to learn the guitar. Check it out HERE.



As we kick off another week, you now have the option to go dine-in at your favorite restaurant, if you so choose. I might try it just to see what it looks like. The dining experience has to be quite different with the 35+ restrictions Gov. Kemp has put into place for reopening. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, check out this article HERE for the list of restaurant reopening guidelines. If you choose to eat with your waitress wearing both masks and gloves, and tables being six feet apart, best of luck to you! OK, let’s get to topics of the day.

Let’s start it off with the serious business, first. The CDC has announced new symptoms regarding COVID-19, making it even more difficult to differentiate your sneezing. What a weird time we are in and I don’t see society ever fully going back to the way we once knew. The updated list can be found HERE.

Admittedly, I love SNL. These days, it’s hit or miss, but the 90’s and early 2000’s was nothing short of amazing. They have been putting some pretty good stuff lately. Brad Pitt did an awesome impersonation of Dr. Anthony Fauci, everyone’s favorite coronavirus doctor. Check it out HERE.

Let’s admit it; we miss people, even the people you don’t really like. You miss getting to interact with them and then bitch about how much you can’t stand them. Hell, I almost miss rush hour traffic and flipping off other drivers. The things we take for granted, right? Fred Armisen did a perfect impersonation of every accent in American and I was quite impressed. Check it out HERE.



It’s 4/20, quarantine style! Seth Rogen said he is smoking an “ungodly amount” of weed while at home, to which nobody was surprised. It’s Monday, but in some ways feels like a Thursday, possibly a Saturday, but at this point everything is running together. The weather was so nice last week and the last couple days have been super depressing with the rain. The forecast predicts sunny tomorrow, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m starting to get a little bummed out at the thought of actually having to go back into an office for work. I’ve worked really hard to get a schedule going at home and finally have everything working in sync. Also, I get to have a beer with lunch and that freedom is pretty sweet. Okay, lets get into some topics of the day!

For all those partaking in 4/20, Willie Nelson has the hook up. Today, at 4:20, obviously, he’s doing a livestream that will feature musical guests, comedians, chefs and cannabis experts. That’s perfect home entertainment! Even better, it will raise money for a great cause. We can pretty much all agree that Willie is one of the coolest dudes on the planet. If you want to virtually hang out with the man himself, click HERE and get the details.

A lot of businesses are struggling to stay open and make money. Here at Rock 100.5, we have the ‘Small Business of the Day,’ which definitely helps out the local community, but we all can always do more to support. One industry definitely hurting is craft beer. With tasting rooms closed, they rely on the sale of their to-go beer to stay afloat. Here in Atlanta, we have some of the best breweries you can find. Not just because they have delicious beer, but even better people. Breweries around the world are brewing the “All Together” beer and you can actually get the recipe for yourself if you are a home brew enthusiast. There are a few in and around Atlanta brewing this beer, including Pontoon Brewing. Check it out HERE and support your local breweries!




These days, we are never short of information. The worldwide web is a smorgasbord of information and it makes finding news worthy topics a breeze. This doesn’t just apply to coronavirus information. I comb through site after site and have to narrow down the top three or four stories because I do not want to overwhelm you in one post. It’s insane how much companies are stepping up to make social distancing and quarantining at the house at least somewhat enjoyable.

By the way, have you checked your bank account today? Stimulus checks were supposed to go out and lots of people are $1,200 richer! Go in-home crazy. Hit up your favorite liquor store, grab a couple extra 12 packs or bottles, fire up the grill with the good meats and have fun. I bought a new grill the other day that I have already used five times in less than 48 hours. If you have the option, always opt for grilled foods. That’s just a pro-tip. If you are quarantined with a girlfriend or wife, grab a bottle of wine, buy her some fancy lingerie and have a hell of a night. But I digress. Let’s get into some topics of the day.

There are a lot of companies doing really good things during this mayhem. People are getting breaks on their rent, mortgage, credit card payments, etc. This is awesome and gives a lot of people some breathing room during this tough time. Anywhere you look on the internet, you will see tons of amazing things being done to help ease the burden for people in multiple facets. When it comes to bettering yourself or staying productive during house arrest, look no further than this article. This is a really cool offering and I highly suggest you take advantage of at least one thing on this list. Personally, I plan to become an expert coder and make at least a B in International Business Trends and Strategies. Shoot for the stars, right? Anyway, check out all the offerings HERE.

Nobody could have imagine this life. At the beginning of 2020, if you would of told someone they would be working from home everyday, not able to go to their favorite bars and hoard toilet paper like it was gold, they would’ve called you crazy and coughed right in your face. Nevertheless, here we are, regular life a distant memory. One thing’s for certain, handshaking is mostly likely a thing of the past. Elbow bumps and peace signs will reign supreme. For a good laugh, check out this VIDEO of a woman explaining to her January self what the future holds.

But seriously, take advantage of those free skills you can learn online. If you are in the online dating world, have a new skill or two to show your dates. Learn to play the guitar, become a mixologist or learn a new language. Think about your future. On the other hand, if you choose to not take advantage of this and continue drinking loads of beer and binge watching the same Netflix show, you do you.

Cause trouble, and always have fun doing it!

Rock 100.5