As we kick off another week, you now have the option to go dine-in at your favorite restaurant, if you so choose. I might try it just to see what it looks like. The dining experience has to be quite different with the 35+ restrictions Gov. Kemp has put into place for reopening. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, check out this article HERE for the list of restaurant reopening guidelines. If you choose to eat with your waitress wearing both masks and gloves, and tables being six feet apart, best of luck to you! OK, let’s get to topics of the day.

Let’s start it off with the serious business, first. The CDC has announced new symptoms regarding COVID-19, making it even more difficult to differentiate your sneezing. What a weird time we are in and I don’t see society ever fully going back to the way we once knew. The updated list can be found HERE.

Admittedly, I love SNL. These days, it’s hit or miss, but the 90’s and early 2000’s was nothing short of amazing. They have been putting some pretty good stuff lately. Brad Pitt did an awesome impersonation of Dr. Anthony Fauci, everyone’s favorite coronavirus doctor. Check it out HERE.

Let’s admit it; we miss people, even the people you don’t really like. You miss getting to interact with them and then bitch about how much you can’t stand them. Hell, I almost miss rush hour traffic and flipping off other drivers. The things we take for granted, right? Fred Armisen did a perfect impersonation of every accent in American and I was quite impressed. Check it out HERE.

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