It’s 4/20, quarantine style! Seth Rogen said he is smoking an “ungodly amount” of weed while at home, to which nobody was surprised. It’s Monday, but in some ways feels like a Thursday, possibly a Saturday, but at this point everything is running together. The weather was so nice last week and the last couple days have been super depressing with the rain. The forecast predicts sunny tomorrow, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m starting to get a little bummed out at the thought of actually having to go back into an office for work. I’ve worked really hard to get a schedule going at home and finally have everything working in sync. Also, I get to have a beer with lunch and that freedom is pretty sweet. Okay, lets get into some topics of the day!

For all those partaking in 4/20, Willie Nelson has the hook up. Today, at 4:20, obviously, he’s doing a livestream that will feature musical guests, comedians, chefs and cannabis experts. That’s perfect home entertainment! Even better, it will raise money for a great cause. We can pretty much all agree that Willie is one of the coolest dudes on the planet. If you want to virtually hang out with the man himself, click HERE and get the details.

A lot of businesses are struggling to stay open and make money. Here at Rock 100.5, we have the ‘Small Business of the Day,’ which definitely helps out the local community, but we all can always do more to support. One industry definitely hurting is craft beer. With tasting rooms closed, they rely on the sale of their to-go beer to stay afloat. Here in Atlanta, we have some of the best breweries you can find. Not just because they have delicious beer, but even better people. Breweries around the world are brewing the “All Together” beer and you can actually get the recipe for yourself if you are a home brew enthusiast. There are a few in and around Atlanta brewing this beer, including Pontoon Brewing. Check it out HERE and support your local breweries!


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