I came across a story last week where twins were born and their parents named them Corona and Covid. Oh, how those kids will never understand the true meaning of those names. That’s one example of how a couple is making the best of this house arrest during the pandemic. Others, however, are nearing breakups or divorce. You both had it so good before you were forced to work from home. You got an eight hour break from each other during the day and then you would go home, drink a beer and watch the game. At the most, you were spending a couple of hours together per day. For now, that is not the case. You are around each other all the time! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are spent together. She wants to watch the latest episode of her girly show and you want to watch replays of your favorite Super Bowl while forgetting how many beers you’ve drank.

Maybe the first week was awesome and you spent all your time rolling around in the sheets and making romantic dinners. Then, that first argument broke out and now the littlest thing sends you both over the edge. She complains about the “honey-do list” you haven’t touched yet and you just keep reminiscing about Tuesday poker nights with your best bros.  I bet you are finding out truths about each other you never knew before and it’s freaking you both out.

All of this is prefaced on the idea that kids are not involved. If you want to see how many married couples are getting divorced during this pandemic, regardless of whether or not they have kids, check out the article HERE. It’s kinda odd how many couples who say “Till death do us part” are calling it quits just because they have to be around each other more than usual.

Hang in there lovebirds! You can save your relationship and make this house arrest benefit your relationship. I’ve always got your back and your saving grace lies in this article HERE.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. Quarantine is not a terrible time to be single and on the search for love, lust or whatever the hell floats your boat. You may be turned away from online dating because of the lack of meeting up in person. Do not fear, my friends! All is well. Online dating is actually surging and these articles will show why finding virtual love is still a thing.

Video dating HERE.

How the coronavirus is changing online dating, permanently. HERE.

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