Bailey and Southside’s 2020 Predictions


  • Aliens will land and walk out and say hi. (and have been living here)
  • A self-driving car will kill a celebrity (Corey Feldman, Pauly Shore, Andy Dick)
  • Nicky D will get arrested for aggravated assault
  • They will find treasure on oak island
  • Steve’s divorce proceedings will begin

Southside Steve:

  • They will find treasure on Oak Island
  • An asteroid will hit earth and there will be significant deaths
  • Nancy Pelosi will have a stroke
  • Queen Elizabeth will die, and Charles will take over.
  • Kirk Douglas and Henry Winkler will die


  • We’ll lose one of the big 3 mob movie guys (de niro, pesci, or pacino)
  • New party like a gender reveal, but for sex. Consummation party.
  • Steve will find out he has another kid from those DNA tests. 

Digi-Dude Nate:

  • A company will package a la carte streaming services (like a cable company) youtube tv, netflix, hulu, disney+
  • Contact lenses that are sunglasses will be a mainstream thing.
  • Jimmy Carter will die
  • Steve’s baby will have an extra body part
  • Pat will propose to Brandi
  • Our new studio will get pushed back to 2021

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