What the hell is going on?! We had the Jetson’s. It looked cool, but we were sure it would never happen. We had the Terminator, but that’s why we love cinema. Movies give us the possibility of what society probably will never accomplish. Why did we wish away the days of dial-up internet and phones attached to cords? Those days were good and they were simple. In today’s world, robots and A.I. are becoming an actual thing. Do we not pay attention to the many articles and intelligent people who warn us about A.I.’s possibilities? They claim to have human emotions, but they are robots, dammit!  At some point, their computer-generated nervous system goes on the fritz and they start shooting out laser beams, something similar to Terminator or Star Wars. Is this something we must accept, or do we do something about it?

Cyborg. That’s a term you’ve heard many times in superhero movies. Did you ever think an actual human would turn into a real-life cyborg? Me neither. However, that is exactly what’s happening. A Scientist suffering from ALS has already begun his transformation into the world’s first cyborg.  He says he will be able to control computers with just his (robot) eyes…….greattttt.

Check out the future….or end of the world….HERE.


However, you could make the case that this was the first human cyborg.