We’ve all endured the weekday morning hangover struggle….time and time again. Every time, you tell yourself you’re done with that life. You are done indulging in the juice during the workweek, you tell yourself, as if this will be the time you finally come to your senses. Happy hours, a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, date night with the Mrs or just plain boredom quickly take your thoughts away from the potential five days of sobriety. Hell, I have told myself over and over that I was only going to drink on the weekends, saving my mind for productivity during the week. Just like that, I get a call from my girlfriend wanting an “alone night” with just us and a bottle of wine; sobriety immediately goes out the window.

Nevertheless, if you hit it hard one night and get past that point where you forget how many you’ve had, you also tend to forget that the alarm clock is going off earlier in the morning than those cushy Saturday’s. I’ve read some pretty ridiculous suggestions for how to handle this unfortunate circumstance. But, this article is actually pretty spot on. Grabbing that extra hour of sleep after chugging a glass of cold water is pretty sound advice.

You know I always got your back.

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