Hey ROCK family, it’s Jackson!

We happen to live in a city with the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson. I myself happen to love airports. Sometimes I shoot down there just to have a couple beers at the T.G.I. Friday’s next to the baggage claim. People watching is one of my favorite past times. For others, the experience is not always a joyful one. Some people hate flying, and want to numb the pain with a drink or two. Whether you do it because you hate flying or are just a social butterfly and want to have the plane laughing during flight, we’ve all gotten to the point where we were a little too drunk for our flight. You NEVER want to be that person. That’s the person everybody hates and avoids on flights. Not to mention, that person is almost always the first one tackled by TSA or thrown off a flight before take-off.

Fear not, my friends and fellow boozers. I have your back. This is a definitive guide to getting drunk in an airport with class and making friends in the process.

I bequeath unto you the tools for prosperity….in an airport…while drunk….and nothing else. Check it out HERE