The wonderful world of music festivals. Beers flowing, drunk food readily available and big packs of friends for music and debauchery. Attending music festivals is a rite of passage for the music loving guru. The one downside….all the people. That shouldn’t matter though, right? We have these things in our pockets called cell phones that allow us to reach people if we get separated. Maybe you want to go see a band that the rest of your group isn’t too fond of and you agree to meet later. However, you discover that everyone is too drunk to meet at a predetermined spot after the show. You text them to see where they are at and bam, no signal. Why this unknown phenomenon? When you have over a hundred thousand attendees in one spot, signals are likely to get jammed. For out-of-towners, this causes a problem. You don’t really know where you are. You don’t know the landscape. You panic. Your heart is racing, thinking you will never find your way back to the rat pack.

Music Midtown is a perfect example of this. Many times, we have all seen the drunks running around and crying because they lost their friends. You try to help them, but they are too intoxicated to describe what their friends look like or the last place they saw them. Rest assured my friends that you no longer need to worry. Here is a simple guide that will take the concern away and you can keep drinking, listening to music and downing that pizza with a comforted heart.

The holy grail for musical festival survival is HERE.