Editorial to the Story Posted on July 9, 2018

As we explain in a correction to a previous article that we made today, on July 9, 2018, we posted on www.baileyandsouthside.com a story about three women who were charged with exploiting an elderly and disabled person, after they made a Snapchat video in a room with a dying woman and titled it “The End.”  All three women – identified as Jorden Lanah Bruce of Jefferson, Georgia, Mya Janai Moss of Colbert, Georgia, and Lizeth Jocelyn Cervantes Ramirez of Jefferson, Georgia – were described as employees of the Bentley Senior Living Facility in Jefferson.

While the photographs of Ms. Bruce and Ms. Ramirez that accompanied this posting were accurate, unfortunately the photograph of Ms. Moss erroneously depicted Lexus Michelle Leigh Moss, rather than Mya Moss.  Both women had been arrested and booked into Jackson County Jail within three days of each other, and the inclusion of Lexus Moss’s photograph in this article rather than Mya Moss’s photograph was an innocent error.

Cumulus Media and www.baileyandsouthside.com expressly repudiate the statement, suggestion and/or implication, arising from the mistaken use of a photograph of Lexus Michelle Leigh Moss, that this Ms. Moss had any involvement whatsoever in the incident that took place at the Bentley Senior Living Facility on or about June 22, 2018.