Listen, we all dream of that perfect someone that we will spend the rest of our life with, regardless of whether you want to admit it or not. Everybody wants some to laugh with, get drunk with and in all honesty just have someone so that they don’t die alone. That’s perfectly fine. For realists, finding that perfect someone means you are going to have to budge on certain things. All women are crazy. All guys are crazy. It’s how much crazy you are willing to do with that determines everything. You like this, she likes that, you want to do with this hobby, etc. No matter how perfect you think that special someone is, crazy will always poke it’s devilish head from around the corner.

What do guys want in a woman? Hot, nice ass, good personality, lets you have nights with your bros and doesn’t constantly ask why you aren’t paying her enough attention? I’m just going off the opinion of most guys, not necessarily my own. But, pretty basic nonetheless.

And then there’s the women. A greedy bunch they can sometimes be. They want the perfect man, Mr. Prince Charming. They want you to have intelligence, a sense of humor, know how to cook, have a sense of style and about 15 other things. Read for yourself: