Judas Priest Wants to “Get Together” with Iron Maiden Before They Die

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Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill would like to tour with Iron Maiden again sometime…before it’s too late. In an interview with Audio Ink Radio, he said, “That would be really interesting if we could get that together before some of us die. It’d be great.

“We’ve got to get together with Iron Maiden.”

Hill also expressed his loyalty to Judas Priest when he was asked about doing a solo album. He stated, “It’s something that I’ve thought about, but not until this band’s finished, Judas Priest. It might be something for my retirement.”

Judas Priest and Iron Maiden had a falling out during their tours in the early ’80s, when Maiden got cocky and started taking shots at Judas Priest in the press. Back then, Paul Di’Anno still fronted Maiden. Now, Bruce Dickinson is the band’s frontman.

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