Warning: Some explicit language throughout

Hey ROCK family, it’s Jackson. Wow, this was such a cool conversation with David Coverdale of Whitesnake. Unbelievably nice guy. Short list of topics we discuss:
*I’m about to turn 30, so he reminisces about being 30 and writing “Here I Go Again.” Surprisingly, most people get the meaning of the song completely wrong.
*The story of how “Here I Go Again” was re-recorded for the ’87 self-titled album.
*Jaguar needs to give more love to Whitesnake. We of course had to delve into his classic Jag.
* Their new album “Flesh and Blood,” his personal journey before making it and where he believes it stands among the Whitesnake catalog.
*His wife forbids the term “retire.”
*His knee replacement surgeries and his struggles during that time.

*His passion for touring and interacting with fans.

*Their April 20th concert at Chastain Park!