Brother, mom and me

It is truly the greatest time of the year. A time for family, for Grandma’s home cooking, football and no presents. I’m a huge family man, so I love any excuse for everyone to get together and to spend time with my little cousins. There are ways to have fun, do it right, cause a little trouble in the process and still have a crazy-ass success of a Thanksgiving.

There are always certain types of people at the coveted family meal. Some you see often and some you only interact with on the day. I got my older cousins drunk before our Thanksgiving meal last year and I still haven’t lived it down. I’ve apparently been warned. So whether you are having a Friendsgivng or a traditional meal with family, from the drunks to the annoying, here are a few different types of people you can expect: :

I have never carved a turkey on Thanksgiving. As the young one in my family, it went my grandfather, my dad, my brother and then me. My grandfather passed away last year so now my dad takes over the responsibility. I feel like 9th in line to the throne to be the King of England. But, if you’re coveted time has come to carve that Thanksgiving delight, here is how to do it correctly:

I’m a health nut. I believe in eating healthy with one massive cheat meal per week. I work out hard and believe in maintaining a healthy body. However, I also don’t have kids or a mortgage payment and many other adult responsibilities. Maybe you have a harder time keeping on track for your fitness goals. Then the holidays roll around and we pig out until we pass out.  I believe the holidays should be 110% guilt free. Do not let the scare of a couple pounds keep you from enjoying that delicious casserole or those football beers. Here are some tips and even a sample workout to keep you lean and mean on the special day:

HERE IS THE BIG ONE. I don’t know how I’ve gone through 29 years of life and haven’t know this. Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest bar night of the year. It is the best time to be single and maybe grab a number, get a kiss or get handsy in the Uber on the way back to your place. Atlanta is also the number one city in the country to be single. If you put two and two together, you’re looking at a good night. But always remember to be respectful, you jerks. AND NO MEANS NO. Here are some key points for scoring that Thanksgiving date, or just for the night. There’s really no need to meet her parents or get her number. But you do you, buddy: