Kage Kult Heroes of the Day – Best Christmas Decorators Ever!

Listen up all you wannabe Clark Griswolds out there, I know you’ve got high hopes for your holiday decorations but I gotta tell ya, I THINK we’ve found the best ones this year.

Here’s the round up:


Up first, a giant, neighborhood illuminating leg lamp from “Christmas Story” put up in Des Moines. Careful though, it’s “fra-GEE-lah”

Leg Lamp Christmas Story


Secondly (and our favorite) in New Orleans, we’ve got a hanging Rudolph carcass. He won’t be guiding any sleighs this year, but instead be joining a pair of chestnuts over an open fire.



Full write-ups can be read here:


Holiday decorations gone wild: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer carcass?



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