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Well I got the “We need a bio” e-mail. So here goes. For those who want to get in my head good luck as it’s already full of beer, dick and fart jokes, random useless knowledge and not much room for anything else. I’ve been abusing ear-holes on the radio for over 20 years in Florida and I was ready for a change and quite frankly needed to keep doing radio because with my huge beard and full array of tattoos it is either this or an assistant manager at Hot Topic. I chose wisely and landed at Rock 100.5 “Atlanta’s Rock Station”! Can’t wait to get into all the kick ass venues, bars and pubs here in Atlanta and hang with all of you! The Kage Kult Show is all about us as a community, so it’s YOUR show!

I dig Football, Baseball, beer, boobs, and checking out live bands whenever I can! In addition I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy long floats on the Hooch, a good game of Chutes and Ladders and having my beard stroked very slowly.




Didn’t Get Paid?? KAGE RAGE!!!

This is Kage Rage and a way to quit in style! A construction worker in Liverpool, England was upset that he didn’t get paid, so he drove a mini excavator through the entrance of the hotel he was working on.  He crashed through the doors, the glass panels, and into the front desk.

He was still causing chaos when the video ended, but according to one report, he took off running when he finished.  He was owed about $775.  No word on how much damage he caused. The lesson here is to pay your employees.





The All New Glass Trailer Leaves Us Stunned

Universal Pictures unveiled the first major trailer of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con on Friday for M. Night Shamylan’s “Glass”. Shamylan, best known for trying to shove some weird twist in everything, won movie-goers over again last year with his last movie, “Split”. We won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but just know “Glass” is sure to be a wild ride of a movie.


The Season Nine Walking Dead Trailer Is Here!

Step-right up, Walkers and Stalkers of all ages because season nine is where SH*T HITS THE FAN. This new trailer looks insane, and it better be, being Andrew Lincoln’s last season and all. The new trailer dropped at Comic-Con, and even if you’re one of the people who have dropped off The Walking Dead wagon, it’s sure to get you fired up for our friends trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.



GLOW Season 2 Trailer Released!

Netflix’s series GLOW returns at the end of this month, but to tide us over they’ve officially released a trailer and those of us on ROCK 100.5 couldn’t be more excited for the triumphant comeback of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. All 20 episodes from Season 2 hit Netflix on June 29th and you can check-out the trailer below, but just in case you needed more reasons to get excited, here’s the official synopsis:

“Season 2 follows the women of GLOW as they become local celebrities, confronting the good, the bad, and the ugly realities of their newfound fame. As Ruth and Debbie settle into the day-to-day of making a season of TV together, they confront lingering issues at the heart of their friendship. Sam is still Sam, but now he has a teenage daughter living with him and twenty episodes to churn out. The wrestling is harder, the stakes are higher, and the hair is even bigger.”



Excellent! Bill and Ted 3 Finally Has a Name!

Party on dudes, the agonizing wait is over! Ed Solomon (co-creator of Bill and Ted) revealed in an interview that the title of the next movie starring our favorite members of Wyld Stallynz will officially be called “Bill and Ted Face the Music”  and it stars the original actors and will focus on the duo having a mid-life crisis of sorts. In addition, it will feature them actually acting with their younger selves AND George Carlin using the magic of technology.

“We have been working for almost 10 years to get this thing made; Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, Chris Matheson, me…,” Solomon said in his interview “We have a director – Dean Parisot, who did Galaxy Quest – Steven Soderbergh is one of our producers. We have a wonderful assembly of people.”

The movie doesn’t have an official release date, but in the meantime, be excellent to each other!


Karma’s A Damn Crazy Bitch!

Listen, we here at the Kage Kult show aren’t NORMALLY on the side of leg injuries and bodily harm, but we’re willing to make an exception this time. Some stupid MF-er in Washington tried to snag a package from someone’s door-step, (you know, like stupid MF-ers are wont to do). Normally, not great or interesting. Ass-jacks steal packages all the time. Here’s where it get’s nice and karmic: After stealing the package, the aforementioned stupid MF-er was actually caught on camera slipping and breaking her leg on the front lawn of the victim. And not just a small break, a real bad one. It’s awesome. Check out more below (video’s in there) and thank us later.




Ride Me and Call Me Daddy!

Pony Up, Daddy is a toy that’s apparently just a re-purposed adult toy you can give to your kids. It’s a saddle you strap onto the father figures back so your kids can ride him like a horse. Every Christmas somebody gets someone a bad or weird Christmas present. It just happens. Part of the Christmas magic, but boy oh boy do we feel bad for any family that ended up with the adult-sized saddle, Pony-Up. Something about it just seems…Off. Especially when they use words like “strap-on and ride” to describe their product. Doesn’t sit quite right. More details on the “Pony Up, Daddy” at the link below.






Kids, Don’t Try This At Home! Or Anywhere, Evidently.

Yeah, there are a lot of ridiculous trends- planking, mannequin challenge, invisible box, ET effin C. This one though, takes the cake- “Rooftoping” is a social media craze where you take incredibly dumb and dangerous selfies on rooftops. Which brings us to this story- A famous Chinese “rooftopping” enthusiast, 26 year old Wu Yongning, was doing pull-ups at the summit of the Huayuan Hua Center, one of the tallest buildings in China when he lost his grip and fell to his death…Obviously. You can read more at the link below, but I gotta tell ya I can’t help but feel we should just chalk this one up to an act of Darwinism.






Weed or Beer? You Don’t Have To Choose Now!

Finally, the age old debate between gettin’ stoned or gettin’ drunk off your ass is over! Thanks to a brewery in Lake Park which is adding cannabis oil to one of it’s beers. Though, it’s only for the taste right now, I like to believe that we’re not far off from combining the two!

More info below!


Kage Kult Heroes of the Day – Best Christmas Decorators Ever!

Listen up all you wannabe Clark Griswolds out there, I know you’ve got high hopes for your holiday decorations but I gotta tell ya, I THINK we’ve found the best ones this year.

Here’s the round up:


Up first, a giant, neighborhood illuminating leg lamp from “Christmas Story” put up in Des Moines. Careful though, it’s “fra-GEE-lah”

Leg Lamp Christmas Story


Secondly (and our favorite) in New Orleans, we’ve got a hanging Rudolph carcass. He won’t be guiding any sleighs this year, but instead be joining a pair of chestnuts over an open fire.



Full write-ups can be read here:


Holiday decorations gone wild: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer carcass?



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