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I was born in a hospital next to a dirt road in a small Georgia town. A town that everybody knows everyone and you can’t hide secrets. They still hold mine against me. Even after all these years, I still love being on the lake in North Georgia, wakeboarding and drinking cold beer.
After a few years of doing sports broadcasting, I stumbled into a building that said Rock 100.5 on the door and begged to get on the air to play great rock tunes and have some fun in a city that I always loved, Atlanta. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, here I am!
The best part of Atlanta are the amazing bands that rock hard at these kickass venues and much of my weekend is spent jamming out with all of them. This city is always hopping, so let’s have some fun and debauchery in the middle of the night.
Love the Hawks, been a fan for life! Rooftop bars, anything on the water and good company is fine with me. I’m goofy, awkward and I dig anything crazy!



What the hell is with people and coming up with dating terms?! I love online dating, but it has created a world where dating is some sort of game rather than trying to find a partner. Now, don’t get wrong, because like many, I too have sometimes used Tinder for a one-night ‘date.’ It’s the world we live in. Sure, sometimes the dates don’t work out. You go your separate ways and that’s that. Then ghosting came into the picture, where people cut off all communication instead of being real with you about how they feel. I’ve been ghosted and I’ve ghosted. I’m not proud of it, but I’m sure we can all admit to committing this horrible act of betrayal.  There are three new dating terms of 2019 that are already making me cringe.

Pocketing – This is when someone is dating you but know’s that it will never get serious and they keep you from meeting their friends or family. They constantly make up excuses.

Cookie jarring – This is when someone treats you as a backup option while they date other people. They will spend time with you if they don’t have a better option.

You-turning – This is when you start dating someone and you really like them, but then suddenly find out some detail about their life that causes you to abruptly end things.

I think we can all agree that we have committed or been a victim of these terms. I certainly have for both.

There is surprisingly a ton more that I wasn’t aware of. Here is a list of 22 more dating terms.



Think back to grade school and your good ole middle and high school days. I went to school in a North Georgia mountains small town public school. We went hunting, fishing, settled arguments with a backwoods brawl and had a hell of a good time doing it. We learned math, science, social studies and all the other boring stuff that’s making you yawn right now. If you work in these fields, then this stuff is very useful. I certainly use all my journalism/broadcast classes that I had during college. The other stuff, not so much.

Now think to your current life. Are there maybe some things you wish you would’ve learned in school that you certainly weren’t, that seem much more ‘life-realistic?’ Here are a few things that would’ve been much more beneficial to your current hectic-ass situation.

  1. Money Management and budgeting. Who knew how much sh*t costs?!
  2. How to do your taxes. I swear, I’m so bad at it, that one day you might see me in jail for accidental tax evasion.
  3. Understanding your credit bards and student loans. By my mid-20’s, I had a MASSIVE credit card balance because I thought you could just spend and spend. Don’t even get me started on my student loans.
  4. How to negotiate. Who would’ve thought you could get more money or a better deal by playing a little hard ball.
  5. Time Management. 24 hours seems like a long time. It isn’t.
  6. Relationship and conversational skills. This might be why I go through so many girlfriends.
  7. How to find a job. I can’t imagine coming out college today. It’s tough out there. Getting a job is like a damn maze. It takes strategy.
action film

JOHN WICK 3..YES!!!!!!!

We finally have the first trailer for the third installment of John Wick’s story. This thing DOES NOT disappoint, but rather excites the hell out of me! I seriously hope you’ve seen the first two. If not, you have homework.  It his theaters May 17th. Check this out:


football kicker


The first five years of my radio career were spent as a sports broadcaster. Before that, I had been a fan of anything sports my entire life. My world revolved around whatever sporting event was on television. I’m all about being a fan and getting upset when your team loses or when they pull off victory. However, I am not a fan of bashing or putting down other people. This is especially true when it comes to kickers in football. The game is on the line and all eyes are on you. You’ve got a 40 yard field goal that will win the game for your team and it’s all up to you. Can you even imagine the pressure that comes along with that? Add to it the bashing they take on social media and it’s no wonder these people are so stressed out.

Over the course of this season, college football fans have taken to social media to bash these kickers and how they would’ve made the kick in their sleep. ESPN had some of these haters put their money where their mouth is and it does not disappoint.

Football Fans Who Sent Mean Tweets To College Kickers Attempt To Make Real Field Goals And Fail Miserably


coffee and beer


I’m getting really tired of these back and forth studies about coffee and beer. Does it make you live longer or kill you tomorrow? The study comes from people that have lived over 100 years old and all say along the lines of, “I had two beers a day..everyday” or some BS like that. With my lifestyle, I’ll be lucky to hit 60. Honestly, I don’t know if I want to go past 80. No offense, but your abilities start to become very few at that point. As always, moderation is the key. I hate when people stress about diet, exercise, etc. Everything in moderation is fine for you. Want a dessert every now and then. Have one or three! Live your life, but to it smart—ish.

For the full article about the newfound/10x-found study, find it here.

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