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I was born in a hospital next to a dirt road in a small Georgia town. A town that everybody knows everyone and you can’t hide secrets. They still hold mine against me. Even after all these years, I still love being on the lake in North Georgia, wakeboarding and drinking cold beer.
After a few years of doing sports broadcasting, I stumbled into a building that said Rock 100.5 on the door and begged to get on the air to play great rock tunes and have some fun in a city that I always loved, Atlanta. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, here I am!
The best part of Atlanta are the amazing bands that rock hard at these kickass venues and much of my weekend is spent jamming out with all of them. This city is always hopping, so let’s have some fun and debauchery in the middle of the night.
Love the Hawks, been a fan for life! Rooftop bars, anything on the water and good company is fine with me. I’m goofy, awkward and I dig anything crazy!



The wonderful world of music festivals. Beers flowing, drunk food readily available and big packs of friends for music and debauchery. Attending music festivals is a rite of passage for the music loving guru. The one downside….all the people. That shouldn’t matter though, right? We have these things in our pockets called cell phones that allow us to reach people if we get separated. Maybe you want to go see a band that the rest of your group isn’t too fond of and you agree to meet later. However, you discover that everyone is too drunk to meet at a predetermined spot after the show. You text them to see where they are at and bam, no signal. Why this unknown phenomenon? When you have over a hundred thousand attendees in one spot, signals are likely to get jammed. For out-of-towners, this causes a problem. You don’t really know where you are. You don’t know the landscape. You panic. Your heart is racing, thinking you will never find your way back to the rat pack.

Music Midtown is a perfect example of this. Many times, we have all seen the drunks running around and crying because they lost their friends. You try to help them, but they are too intoxicated to describe what their friends look like or the last place they saw them. Rest assured my friends that you no longer need to worry. Here is a simple guide that will take the concern away and you can keep drinking, listening to music and downing that pizza with a comforted heart.

The holy grail for musical festival survival is HERE.



The internet has scared the hell out of all of us. There is constant information be plastered on the inter-webs for both sides of the argument. Which is true? Which is false? Keyboard blood wars are waged between people that have never met and probably will never meet. Is a long life constituted by healthy living, making all the good choices and saying no to potential character blows? Or, is the key to life letting go of the worries and immersing yourself in the pleasures that you so enjoy? I constantly come across these articles, where one says a drink or two a day will help you prosper to the wisest, ripest of ages. Another one will pretty much say that if you’ve ever had a beer in your life, you are destined for doom.

The buck stops here though. I now have no respect for these online buffoons who are polluting trash to our minds. OK, obviously I’m being a little over-dramatic, but how did chicken become a cancer causing substance?? It’s chicken! It’s literally one of the healthiest and best protein packed foods you can eat. A study was conducted over an eight year period where 475,000 participants ate chicken (grilled, fried, etc). At the end of the study, 23,000 of the original  475,000 developed cancer. First off, what a way to find out you have cancer. One day you randomly decide to be part of some insane study and now you have cancer. I’d be pissed.

Here is my big problem with these “studies.” While reading the article, it was never made clear whether or not other parts of the participant’s lifestyle was observed. In the text, it points out a clear observance that the researches “analyzed the participants’ diets as well as the diseases and illnesses they suffered.” Were they chugging six beers and day and putting down a carton of cigarettes a week? The study doesn’t say. I don’t see how moderate consumption of something as healthy and clean as a chicken breast could cause you to develop cancer. However, we do live in 2019, which is a crazy world. Take a look:

To read how eating one of your favorite meats causes cancer, click HERE.

But then, a study will come out saying that your morning caffeine fix and that beer you so enjoy could actually help you live a longer, more prosperous life.

In the article, Dr. Claudia Kawas says “I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity,”

To read it, click HERE.

But momma knows best, right? My mother says to me all the time, “two and done.” I admire her persistence because she knows I don’t stick to that. Who only has two beers? However, momma might in fact know best.  A study published last year says that drinking more than seven alcoholic beverages in a week could kill you. According to David Jernigan, a Johns Hopkins University alcohol researcher, “What this is saying is, if you’re really concerned about your longevity, don’t have more than a drink a day.” One drink a day, where is the fun in that?

To read that article, click HERE.

What is the point of me linking all of these articles and blabbing about what might and might not be healthy? There is a lot on the internet. It will constantly try to tell you how to live your life. Do just that……LIVE YOUR LIFE AND BE HAPPY.




I’m all about bands riding the cash cow or jumping on the cash cow of others. Metallica has been riding their very own for years. I’m sure many of you are beyond irritated of listening to the “Old Town Road” remix. However, this version has a new twist to it. This new remix is set to Staind’s “It’s Been a While” and I’m all about it.  Check it out below:






Listen, we all dream of that perfect someone that we will spend the rest of our life with, regardless of whether you want to admit it or not. Everybody wants some to laugh with, get drunk with and in all honesty just have someone so that they don’t die alone. That’s perfectly fine. For realists, finding that perfect someone means you are going to have to budge on certain things. All women are crazy. All guys are crazy. It’s how much crazy you are willing to do with that determines everything. You like this, she likes that, you want to do with this hobby, etc. No matter how perfect you think that special someone is, crazy will always poke it’s devilish head from around the corner.

What do guys want in a woman? Hot, nice ass, good personality, lets you have nights with your bros and doesn’t constantly ask why you aren’t paying her enough attention? I’m just going off the opinion of most guys, not necessarily my own. But, pretty basic nonetheless.

And then there’s the women. A greedy bunch they can sometimes be. They want the perfect man, Mr. Prince Charming. They want you to have intelligence, a sense of humor, know how to cook, have a sense of style and about 15 other things. Read for yourself:


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