Millennial’s and Gen Z’ers are screwed. Bottom Line. I’m a millennial, about to turn 30 and I worry for the fate of humanity. Like many of you, I was raised to bust my ass in my 20’s, hopefully start making a little money in my early 30’s and then start the whole traveling thing and living with some leisure. You have to work hard and then play hard. The new trend for many millennial and Gen Z’er kids is to YOLO as they say. They want the experiences right away, the second they graduate college. It used to be that if you wanted to travel young, you studied abroad for a semester in college. One major problem I have with online dating is that every woman’s profile I come across, they have to express their love of traveling. Newsflash, everyone likes to travel! Putting that in your dating profile isn’t separating you from the rest of the pack. OK, back to the point. Millennial’s don’t save money, salaries are down, things are more expensive, rent is higher, they always want vacations and many of them were raised without discipline. I fear for the future of our financial economy. Many of these kids still live with their parents because they fear actually having to struggle and having to actually do without some things. I’ve gone to the grocery store many times and had to cross things off my list because I wasn’t able to afford everything I wanted. Buddies of mine have gone bar hopping on a Saturday night and I had to skip because I wanted to eat the next week. According to a survey, “millennial’s say they average about $478/month on ‘nonessential’ purchases, like dining out, entertainment, luxury items and vacations…” Are you kidding me?! Are these kids raking in 100+K a year? Many of them admitted to “dropping $150 at the bar on a Friday or Saturday night…” If I had had that much to spend at the bar, I’d be drinking the finest scotch they had. $150 can buy you a lot of Coors Light that will lead to the greatest/worst hangover ever the next morning. Rant over.

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