‘Black Sabbath 50 Years’ Exhibition Tickets Are On Sale Now

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Black Sabbath fans, get ready to go across the pond! Tickets for Home of Metal’s exhibition, Black Sabbath 50 Years, in Birmingham, England are now on sale on the Home of Metal website. It will be held in the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery from June 26 until September 29.

50 Years celebrates the iconic band’s 50th anniversary by featuring photos, curios, memorabilia (like stage costumes and jewelry, directly from the lads themselves), and keepsakes from fans. In a trailer for the exhibition, Ozzy said, “I don’t get the chance to go and see Birmingham very often, but I’ve never tried to hide my accent and I’ve never denied that I’m from Birmingham. I’m absolutely so proud with what I’ve done with my life – it’s unbelievable. Just hold on to your dreams, because you know what? Every once in a while they come true.”

Watch the trailer below, get your tickets here, and book the next flight to England!

Featured Image: (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)​

Written by: Tasha Chaves

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