The internet has made us scared of everything. I was just having this conversation with my brother a couple days ago. We grew up in the mountains of North Georgia, constantly exploring the wilderness. Us nor our parents ever even thought about mountain lions, snakes, venomous spiders or anything like that. We just wanted to be kids and explore outside. Nothing ever happened, no one got bit, eaten or lost a limb, but plenty of bumps and bruises. We looked at these as character builders. Nowadays, the internet makes us live in fear, constantly! Take the ocean, for example. I used to go in the ocean over my head, swimming to nearby sandbars without a care in the world. I haven’t stepped foot in the ocean in years, for a good reason. Jellyfish, prehistoric looking creatures that have stingers as long as my arm, and SHARKS! These things scare the hell out of me. Two sharks were recently spotted in California that are as big as school buses. I cannot even imagine the heart attack that would come from seeing this creature near me. Next time you venture into the ocean, imagine seeing one of these. I’m glad I never took up surfing as a hobby.

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