I have conversations with bands all the time about the process of making music in today’s world. The way you advertise as a band has changed. Instead of just putting up flyers and gigging everywhere you can, you have to be very active on social promoting your band, what you’re working on, etc. People want to hear your music before they pay to come see you play. Even worse, anybody can do it. Anyone can form a band and put out a single for the whole world to hear minutes after it’s recorded. It’s absolutely crazy with good and bad effects. Over saturation of the market has made it more difficult for deserving bands to get noticed, solely because there is so much to choose from. This is why people want to check you out online before they come see you play. I miss the good old days where people flooded local bars/venues to see new bands.

Richard Fortus, guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, recently gave his two cents on the topic. I agree with him in the fact that bands have to work harder to get noticed than in days past. However, he doesn’t mention anything about the social media aspect. He seems to think the old go-to’s are still the main way to go. I agree that the flyers and playing in cities multiple times to gain a following is still relevant, but there is so much more to it these days.

Read the article and watch the interview with Fortus HERE.

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