It’s really happening. For years, we’ve seen movies where robots or ordinary people with special equipment can see real-time information through their eyes. This has always been a pipe dream. There’s no way someone could fit all that information and processing into a tiny little object. Color me stupid, because it’s happening. Engineers at the University of Washington have created lenses with tiny computers built-in. It’s freaky as hell!

  1. They took scenes out of the Netflix show “Black Mirror” to use as a advertisement, people watching Netflix through their lens while working out, sitting at the airport, etc. Again, that’s freaky!! People just staring off into the distance. Can you imagine walking through an airport and everyone looking straight ahead, like zombies because they’re watching a movie. Hell no!
  2. It apparently shows real-time directions through the lens while driving so that drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road. So it’s a better idea to have those directions, including symbols, numbers and graphics to be right in front of you, possibly hiding a car or a red light? Yes, that seems like a great idea.
  3. The lens apparently allows you to surf the web. Won’t more people be cheating in school? You won’t have to pull out your phone to search for an answer.
  4. But how does it work? Is there a clicker for it? A microchip in your head? Do your thoughts control it? Crazy

Read about the future HERE.

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