What the hell is with people and coming up with dating terms?! I love online dating, but it has created a world where dating is some sort of game rather than trying to find a partner. Now, don’t get wrong, because like many, I too have sometimes used Tinder for a one-night ‘date.’ It’s the world we live in. Sure, sometimes the dates don’t work out. You go your separate ways and that’s that. Then ghosting came into the picture, where people cut off all communication instead of being real with you about how they feel. I’ve been ghosted and I’ve ghosted. I’m not proud of it, but I’m sure we can all admit to committing this horrible act of betrayal.  There are three new dating terms of 2019 that are already making me cringe.

Pocketing – This is when someone is dating you but know’s that it will never get serious and they keep you from meeting their friends or family. They constantly make up excuses.

Cookie jarring – This is when someone treats you as a backup option while they date other people. They will spend time with you if they don’t have a better option.

You-turning – This is when you start dating someone and you really like them, but then suddenly find out some detail about their life that causes you to abruptly end things.

I think we can all agree that we have committed or been a victim of these terms. I certainly have for both.

There is surprisingly a ton more that I wasn’t aware of. Here is a list of 22 more dating terms.

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