Think back to grade school and your good ole middle and high school days. I went to school in a North Georgia mountains small town public school. We went hunting, fishing, settled arguments with a backwoods brawl and had a hell of a good time doing it. We learned math, science, social studies and all the other boring stuff that’s making you yawn right now. If you work in these fields, then this stuff is very useful. I certainly use all my journalism/broadcast classes that I had during college. The other stuff, not so much.

Now think to your current life. Are there maybe some things you wish you would’ve learned in school that you certainly weren’t, that seem much more ‘life-realistic?’ Here are a few things that would’ve been much more beneficial to your current hectic-ass situation.

  1. Money Management and budgeting. Who knew how much sh*t costs?!
  2. How to do your taxes. I swear, I’m so bad at it, that one day you might see me in jail for accidental tax evasion.
  3. Understanding your credit bards and student loans. By my mid-20’s, I had a MASSIVE credit card balance because I thought you could just spend and spend. Don’t even get me started on my student loans.
  4. How to negotiate. Who would’ve thought you could get more money or a better deal by playing a little hard ball.
  5. Time Management. 24 hours seems like a long time. It isn’t.
  6. Relationship and conversational skills. This might be why I go through so many girlfriends.
  7. How to find a job. I can’t imagine coming out college today. It’s tough out there. Getting a job is like a damn maze. It takes strategy.

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