Rock’s Latest Cover Songs

After a year of pleading, Weezer caved and gave us one amazing rendition of Toto’s “Africa”. Now, Toto returns the favor with a cover of “Hash Pipe”.  And I don’t hate it. “We figured since we were smoking hash since before they were born, that’s the one we should do”. Have a hit below.


But here’s where it gets messy. Covers are contagious. Artists jump at the idea of covering a single to strum up publicity or simply hold the public’s attention until the next studio album drops. Some songs are SO uniquely coupled with that specific artist, that covers sound forced. Painful, even.

Enter 311 and Offspring. They’re on the road together this summer, so naturally, they took a shot at recording each other’s classics. And while I love 311, I hate their new cover of Offspring’s “Self-Esteem”.

Andddd Offspring tries on stoner rock with this 311 cover.


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