Summer Is Here!

Summer is (officially) here. And while there are many lists on the internet dedicated to Atlanta’s mating season in the sun, I wanted to take the time and tell you the worst parts about summers here.

  1. It’s everlasting. Summer really began in April the first time you nearly passed out walking to the mailbox. It ends somewhere in October when the UGA hoodies come out.
  2. Construction is also eternal. 400 is your new home now. You live there among the orange cones. Sit awhile.
  3. Your chances of getting skin cancer in the stands at Suntrust Park are 99.9% but possibly worth it for a World Series run.
  4. Summer time storms turn your backyard into waterfront property. Mosquitoes and roaches are your new residents.
  5. Hartsfield-Jackson is hopping during the travel season…the line through security is as long as your flight.
  6. You recognize like, 2 bands on the Music Midtown lineup, but still pray for tickets.
  7. To sit in the beer lines.
  8. And the port-o-potty lines.
  9. Who doesn’t love festival food poisoning? I’m 6 pounds away from my bikini body.
  10. Your family that’s in town for the weekend wants to climb Kennesaw Mountain. It’s 97 degrees. Strap me to a cannon and fire me into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s hot.

Even with the sunburn, indigestion, and empty wallet…we stay for another summer. Happy Summer Solstice!

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